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ART+: In The Lab

Art +: In the Lab

ART+: In The Lab

Experimental art workshop

22 - 24 November | 10:00 h - 14:00 h

In the Lab is an experimental workshop, part of the Art+ programme, focused on exploring the artistic potential of simple physical and/or chemical processes. Using every day or accessible materials, substances and objects, we experiment with different states, processes or interactions of materials to produce form, colour and interesting structures.

Session I: Analysis and experimentation with different materials.

Contact with different materials and the reactions they produce. We will look at different physical and chemical reactions resulting from the combination of different materials such as dry ice, gelatine, effervescent tablets, alcohol and/or water-based inks, corn starch, liquid glue, etc.

We will also experiment with the science of cymatics, the shapes that liquids generate based on different sound frequencies, and their artistic potential.

Session II: Project design.

In groups, we will design an art project based on these reactions in order to generate specific images and/or videos. The groups will experiment with selected materials in search of the final image.

Session II: Producing a digital result.

In this session, we will refine the previous session’s process to produce a final result. We will record and take images of our project, and edit and retouch them to obtain one or more images, either still or moving. Finally, we will look at the results.

Participants should bring comfortable working clothes.

Price: €30
Registration: info@gheada.com

Estudio Gheada (C/ Cortes, 29 4F)
Fundación Bilbao Arte Fundazioa
Master ACTP
Gobierno Vasco