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Artisans of Bizkaia

17 - 27 November

The Artesanos de Bizkaia exhibition brings us the result of the collaboration between photography students from the IDarte school and artisans from the Asociación Artesana de Bizkaia.

The aim of the project is for students to understand basic photographic concepts, develop commercial photography in the field of social reportage photography, photo design and product photography, coherently apply audio-visual language in their development and master the technological resources of different forms of photographic communication. Image digital finishing processes will also be covered.

The session also aims to highlight craftsmanship. Another intimate look at the creation process, considering the type of material and resources behind the final product. A story of the research behind each work.


BEAZ (Sabino Arana Etorbidea, 8)
IDarte Escuela Pública de Diseño de Euskadi