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Begihandi Autumn 2022 - Bilbao


Begihandi Autumn 2022 - Bilbao

#33 Edition

24 November | 19:00 h - 21:00 h

The last Begihandi of the season arrives, punctual to its appointment with Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week. Aligned with the theme of this design week, we want to bring the local cultural and creative community back together to listen to diverse professionals from the creative world, learn their unique perspective and get to know each other in an almost family atmosphere. Reserve a slot in November's busy schedule and don't miss this free and open event organized by EIDE.

The plan is the usual: several professionals will share their work processes, references, sources of inspiration, experiences... All in an informal meeting where the key is to enjoy and connect.

This BEGIHANDI Autumn 2022, organized jointly with EIDE Gazteak, will be held next Thursday, November 24, from 19:00 to 21:00 at Dock Bilbao (Uribitarte, 3) and the presentations will be given by:

Reserve your seat by confirming your attendance and do not hesitate to share the call so that on that day we can gather as many people as they let us in Dock Bilbao. Come and enjoy, we are waiting for you!

The poster design is the work of our partner Maialen Echaniz, Diséñame, who is in charge of the graphic image of BEGIHANDI this 2022. Take a look at the past editions and subscribe to be aware of the new ones on our website.

Dock Bilbao (Paseo Uribitarte, 3)