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Commercial Epidermis

Epidermis Comercial Instalacion en el escaparate de un comercio pinturas obra del alumnado de IED Kunsthal Bilbao en la BBDW de 2021

Commercial Epidermis

Shop windows in the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter) designed and produced by the students of IED Kunsthal Bilbao.

24 November | 17:30 h - 19:30 h

Commercial epidermis consists of a series of shop windows that the first-year students of the Degree in Higher Artistic Education in Design at IED Kunsthal have designed and produced for sixteen local shops in the Old Quarter of Bilbao, with a view to the Christmas period.

The installations will remain in the shop windows throughout the Christmas period, and an inaugural tour of the participating shops will take place on Thursday 24 November.

On the one hand, it is a training experience aimed at interacting with real customers, their problems and constraints. Whilst on the other, it is about supporting small local businesses in a vulnerable position, having suffered the consequences of the pandemic and financial crisis. Design as a problem solver.

In this transversal project, each specialisation (fashion, product, graphics and interiors) complements the others with their specific aptitudes in what is the first taste of reality for the students, intervening in such a critical commercial space for small private companies during Christmas.


Casco Viejo (Old Quarter)
IED Kunsthal Bilbao