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Creating Ecosystems Using Systems Thinking

cabecera de pensamiento sistémico

Creating Ecosystems Using Systems Thinking

Co-creative workshop for the creation of ecosystems, moving from the "impossible" to creating impact

21 November | 17:00 h - 18:30 h

The world is complex, where many interconnected forces interact, and it is all too easy to become discouraged by detours or obstacles as we strive to create lasting change.

Systems thinking is a way of making sense of complex and interconnected environments (ecosystems) and discovering dynamics with greater impact potential. The workshop will demonstrate, in a theoretical and practical manner, how to map and understand a system, analyse it to find points of leverage and learn to adapt to a changing environment, through:

Mapping a complex system to gain clarity.

The identification of specific points in the system where high impact can be generated.

The development of a strategy, and a framework for learning and adapting over time as the system changes.

Ensanche Building (Room 1A)
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