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Cultural Entrepreneurship Programme

21 - 25 November | 15:00 h - 18:00 h

An immersive week in cultural entrepreneurship where you will be guided in the creation of your own artistic-cultural projects with the support of mentors and industry experts.

With special emphasis on a diverse, innovative and transversal education, this support programme for young creatives aims to provide them with the tools and professional support necessary to create their own artistic-cultural entrepreneurial projects.

The programme will be in the form of a boot camp, i.e. intensive training, specialising in cultural entrepreneurship. The programme will last one week, during which participants can develop their creative ideas and, at the end of the programme, produce an on-site exhibition in the Dock space of Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria. This will be achieved via joint coaching sessions, sector expert mentoring, practical workshops, open presentations of the projects, and by exchanging knowledge among the participants.

Format: Attendance

Language: Spanish

Price: Free of charge

*It is essential to register for the programme by sending an e-mail to oihanea@travellinguniversity.com.


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