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E-kin, Design with Sorority

Topaketa: E-kin, diseño con sororidad. ¡Participa!

E-kin, Design with Sorority

Second Meeting: APPROACH. Shared experiences and values

23 November | 17:00 h - 19:30 h

We continue with our second meeting, full steam ahead!


On 27 October 2022, we held our first E-kin meeting, getting to know each other, reacquainting ourselves, listening to each other and weaving the first stitches of the network that we are putting together, which we would like to become a community. 

If you already know about this project, there is no need to worry, you can attend our second meeting, in summary, E-kin, design with sorority is a project promoted by Mundo Ivaginario (Zirikatuz Feminista Taldea) and Wikitoki, to create a community of women linked to design and architecture in the Basque Country with the aim of weaving networks of support and mutual care to make the architecture, urban planning and design sector more egalitarian and feminist.

These meetings are intended to provide care and constitute healthy, safe, supportive, sisterly and pleasant spaces. To facilitate participation, we will also have a care space. It will be a space for collective reflection on what feminist design and architecture are, both in practice and in terms of "material" results. How can we distinguish between what is feminist design/architecture and what is not?

The first meeting took place at BBK Kuna, now it's time for you to visit us at Wikitoki in the San Francisco neighbourhood in Bilbao. Experiences and projects will be shared among the participants. 

We will continue the process of collective self-recognition and feminist design, adding layers to what has been achieved, making connections, references and new proposals. Based on this we will define the possibilities, challenges and next steps to build the community.

Admission is free of charge and places are limited, so register as soon as possible!


Wikitoki (Harrobia plaza 5, 2º, San Frantzisko)
Zirikatuz Feminista Taldea
E-kin, diseño con sororidad
DFB Igualdad