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The Eko Lab Fashion Films

THE EKO LAB Fashion Films

The Eko Lab Fashion Films

Meeting places to discuss the future of fashion

25 November | 19:00 h - 21:00 h

THE EKO LAB arose to create meeting places where the future of fashion can be disseminated and debated. 

On this occasion, we enter the world of Fashion Films, which will enable us to share and learn about the creativity and innovation that exists in the world of textile design and bio-fashion. 

We believe that the audio-visual medium is the easiest and most accessible for divulging stories and getting to know the experiences behind projects: enabling us to enter into the intimacy of the artist's studio and their processes; to immerse ourselves in different cultures to discover their techniques and local raw materials, or simply to discover the most authentic values and the essence of a firm.

At this meeting, we will enjoy a selection of audio-visual pieces by local and national agents, as well as a series of videos of Fabricademy's most innovative projects on digital fabrication, biomaterials and regenerative economy.

The screenings will be followed by a space for debate with local professionals open to all, where ideas about the local sustainable fashion and design ecosystem can be shared.

Espacio THE EKO LAB: Avenida Zuberoa, 42 (Irala, Bilbao)