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First Steps in Sketchup & Twinmotion

Vidriera en Sketchup

First Steps in Sketchup & Twinmotion


21 - 23 November | 09:00 h - 11:00 h

A workshop aimed at interior design to get started in 3D modelling and rendering using two of the most intuitive software programmes. A starting point for those interested in going deeper on their own.

Elements required to participate:

- Laptop.

- Sketchup Pro.

-Twinmotion (free if not used for commercial purposes).

- Google Drive.

We will start using a floor plan from our design or a CAD floor plan provided by IDarte to model it in Sketchup and finally render it with Twinmotion.

  • 21 November

- From Cad to Sketchup.

- Modelling from an image.

- Basic tools.

- Extensions.

  • 22 November

- Twinmotion Introduction

  • 23 November 

- Obtaining images, videos, etc.


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BEAZ (Sabino Arana Etorbidea, 8)
IDarte Escuela Pública de Diseño de Euskadi