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A Forest of Glass

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A Forest of Glass

The future is not disposable

18 November | 17:30 h - 20:30 h

A live eco-artistic co-creation performance. 

The show’s dynamics involve weetbe placing structures in the atrium to simulate naked trees. All citizens will previously have been invited via social networks to attend, once at our space, they can note down a commitment they want to make to reduce their environmental footprint on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle and place it in the structure. This will result in a sculpture co-created by all, a forest of glass trees, made from recycled materials, to store citizens' commitments to demand a little more of us each day. Every little detail adds up and the example MULTIPLIES.

The Heineken beer brand, as part of its commitment to making a positive contribution to the environmental fight, will participate in the event, inviting all attendees to a drink, so that they can use their bottles to participate in the event.

The fundamental objective is to raise awareness among citizens, especially young people, of the importance of fighting for sustainable development, a concern that must be present in all our actions and decisions.


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