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Inventory of Urban Innovations for an (IM)POSSIBLE Future


Inventory of Urban Innovations for an (IM)POSSIBLE Future

Exhibition of art and architecture projects

04 - 27 November

A collective exhibition that brings together projects and initiatives promoted by and/or involving young people up to 35 years of age who, from the fields of urban planning, architecture, design, art and culture, submit proposals for the construction of an (im)possible urban future in the face of current challenges:

Productive memories I Terrario Arquitectura (Oliva, Alicante)

Post Natural Selection I AFAB (Chornobyl. Ukraine)

A geopolitical swimming pool I Pablo Abellán (Comarca de la Vega Baja. Valencia) 

Eix Verd Consell De Cent I Cierto Estudio (Barcelona)

Ecosistemas.zip (Madrid) Limbo I Bian (Madrid)

Distan Table I Furii Studio (Guangdong. China)

Teleclub with thermal mattresses I Bizna Estudio (Noviercas. Soria)

Wikihousing I Straddle3 (Barcelona)

Rhizoma I KRI Arquitectura (Gipuzkoa)

The Bedroom Script I Jhon Parral (Madrid)

Hidden Architecture I Héctor Rivera Bajo and Alberto Martínez García (Madrid, New York, Zurich)

Hexpireos (Mendoza. Argentina)

Regreening. Conclusions of research conducted in the city of the pandemic I Vaumm (Donostia).

Future Fields I Assembly (Burgos and León)

An exhibition organised as part of URBANBATfest, a festival of architecture, urbanism and the city.

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