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IOKI Project

17 - 27 November

Within the framework of Bilbao Bizkaia Design Week 2021, a challenge was posed to the Interior Design students of IDarte, the Basque Public School of Design. The tunnel in Plaza San Pío X in Bilbao will witness the challenge and project.

What does it feel like for a young woman to go through a tunnel? And a mature woman? What does it feel like for a man to go through a subway?

There could be many answers to such questions, but there aren't. Anyone passing through the tunnel will notice its unpleasant, dark, accessible, etc., character.

The exhibition of results of the challenge organised last year will be on display at the entrance to the Official College of Interior Decorators and Designers of Bizkaia.



CODDB headquarters (C/ Morgan, 30, 48014 Bilbao)
IDarte Escuela Pública de Diseño de Euskadi