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Las Casas Que Me Habitan

Las Casas Que Me Habitan

Las Casas Que Me Habitan

Book presentation "Las Casas Que Me Habitan", with Mauro Gil Fournier

17 November | 19:30 h - 21:00 h

We think we inhabit our houses, our squares, and our cities, but we only inhabit our ordinary practices. The houses presented here are the affections that inhabit us daily.

Therefore, designing becomes an act of internal and external listening. Architecture becomes a device for developing different affections. Houses as the spatial and material expression of our most primitive affective realities. And this book is a personal exercise with common views. A way of developing a community, a kinship, an extended family with oneself and with the world. A way of inhabiting vital practice in the experience of affecting the bond of life.

“Las casas que me habitan” (The houses that inhabit me) is an affective autobiography presented as architectures of the self from which to modify the value terms in which life, the life of architect Mauro Gil-Fournier Esquerra, has been formulated.

Presented by: Maria Arana


ANTI Bookshop (Dos de mayo, 2)
Urbanbat Koop.