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Lighting Design and Prototyping

Concept HACHE

Lighting Design and Prototyping

05 - 22 November | 17:30 h - 20:00 h

Workshop on the design and manufacture of a lamp, light fixture or lighting object, using local and conscious materials and manufacturing processes. Our aim, apart from showing our work as industrial designers, is to highlight the possibilities of local and national industry and its materials.

To do so, we will guide participants through a process of introduction to lighting, manufacturing processes, materials, conceptualisation, design and prototyping of a lighting object that will finally become a reality thanks to the ideas of the participants and our support in the development.

Participation is limited to 6 groups of 2 people per group.

We will have a limited list of materials that the participants can use in the development of prototypes, we will provide support for processes that require technical development.


The workshop will involve 2 sessions:

1. Saturday 29 October 

Introduction to lighting concepts

Introduction to manufacturing processes and materials in the local industry

Introduction to product research, conceptualisation and CMF

Individual and group conceptualisation

Development of selected concepts and preparation for prototyping


2. Tuesday 22 November

Prototype assembly

Design of an information panel based on the light fixture concept and development

Presentation of concepts and prototypes

Huruma Coworking (Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 35, 6A)
concept HACHE
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