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From The Living

Bacterias en un petri para hacer tintes

From The Living

Biodesign: new materials created from living organisms

17 - 27 November | 11:00 h - 16:00 h

Design involves a complex and unique ecosystem generated between new designers undergoing training and established designers, between creatives and producers, and between brands and consumers... In this unique era of the material revolution, biomaterial has been incorporated as a new key ingredient, interrupting the established fabric of the industry, and transforming the way design pieces and artefacts are created.

Biodesign is here to stay and is disrupting the status quo, not only in the design industry but across all disciplines: gastronomy, art, science and construction. Working with living organisms forces us all, designers and consumers alike, to rethink our role in the ecosystem and our relationship with other species.

In this exhibition, we will look at key agents such as mycelium, algae, and bacteria and how the pioneers of the materials revolution work ethically, co-designing the raw materials that regenerate the planet. Visitors will be able to observe the cultivation processes and experience the new ways in which materials can be developed, interacting with the smells and textures of the new aesthetic of sustainable design.


Basque BioDesign Center, Güeñes
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