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T-Shirts that Teach

Exposición «Camisetas que enseñan»

T-Shirts that Teach

Images to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals

17 - 27 November | 09:00 h - 21:00 h

Presentation of some of the results obtained from an innovative educational project developed in the Graphic Design classrooms of the UPV/EHU's Faculty of Fine Arts. A project that forms part of the commitment acquired by our public university concerning the call to action proposed by the UN General Assembly through various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To address the poignant background of the SDGs, knowledge resources are necessary that bring us closer to and enhance our sense and perception of complex realities. The artistic sensitivity involved in the communicative function of graphic design enables an approach to and dialogue with the background to life. Thereby enabling emotion, which can result in sentiment. In this sense, we must always consider that knowledge is one thing, but our sensation of that knowledge is quite another.

Through their prints, T-shirts have now become a mirror of society and of the people who wear them. In this sense, T-shirts have taken on the role of a project "whiteboard" on which to "show" messages and thereby "show” with sensitivity how to join the commitment to the sustainable development of our society. Together with the images they exhibit, the T-shirts are intended to become portable tools of expression in the public sphere, where they aim to activate the will to change.

Exhibition curatorship and organisation: Leire Fernández Iñurritegui and Eduardo Herrera


BBK Kuna (Espacio Plaza)
Organización: Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
Colaboración: BBK Kuna