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Talentu Gazteak

22 November | 15:00 h - 18:00 h

Organised by one of the EIDE Gazteak working groups and with the collaboration of Bilbao AS Fabrik and the training centres -DIGIPEN, IDARTE, IED KUNSTHAL, MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA, UNIVERSITY OF DEUSTO, UNIVERSITY OF NAVARRE (E.T.S. in Architecture and Tecnun) and UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY (E.T.S. in Architecture)-, which will select the 22 best final projects of 2022. This third edition of the event will serve to publicise its authors, their projects, their skills and their training, as well as to confirm the preparation and talent of all such students who, year after year, graduate from our universities and colleges in any of the creative disciplines, as well as generating a space for professionals and new talent to meet, and create meeting spaces that favour networking between different sectors and fields, raising awareness of local talent and connecting it with international talent and raising public awareness of the importance of design and creativity.

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