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The Window Display as a Sales Tool


The Window Display as a Sales Tool

Masterclass in window dressing

22 November | 14:15 h - 15:45 h

Your window display is the first page of your business introduction letter. It is very important to consider certain factors that can affect product display. In this course, you will learn basic tips on composition, lighting, colour, shape, etc. In short, how to develop a sales strategy that takes advantage of your window display. Shop window dimensions and the product or service you want to offer will be considered, following design and aesthetic parameters to help visually improve your window display. 

If you would like to learn these simple tips from the renowned decorator Almudena Unzalu, get more out of your window display and make your business more profitable, don't hesitate to sign up, this is the course for you!

Snacks will be provided at the end.

CODDB headquarters (C/ Morgan, 30, 48014 Bilbao)