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Collective Intelligence in Participatory Projects: How can we improve it?

Encuentro-taller con Amalio Rey sobre Inteligencia Colectiva

Collective Intelligence in Participatory Projects: How can we improve it?

18 November | 11:00 h - 14:00 h

A morning at Wikitoki to be enjoyed with Amalio Rey, to better understand what collective intelligence is and how to apply it to arrive at better solutions to all kinds of challenges in your neighbourhood, work environment or group. An opportunity, the day after his intervention during the opening of BBDW22, to have another meeting in a small group (maximum of 25 people), in a closer and more relaxed manner, and explore the subject in greater depth.

What will the activity consist of? The meeting will be eminently practical, and very much oriented towards participation, conversation and exchange. It will be comprised of two parts:

First Amalio will give a presentation on his book "Inteligencia Colectiva ¿Qué ocurre cuando hacemos cosas juntos” (Collective Intelligence What happens when we do things together?), published in 2022 by Editorial Almuzara. The book presents ten years of research and, through numerous examples, proposes the design and behavioural patterns and organisational forms that enable communities to be smarter and co-create together.

This will be followed by a workshop on the design of participatory architectures, bringing into play the criteria and principles of collective intelligence. 

Who is this activity aimed at? You will be particularly interested if:

You are dedicated to the methodological design of processes related to participation and collaboration.

You work in public or private organisations and have responsibilities related to organisational change, team management and personnel development.

You participate in collective dynamics in social and community projects.

You are a teacher at any educational level and understand the didactic and pedagogical value of collective intelligence.

Not yet familiar with Amalio Rey? Amalio is a recognised expert in innovation management and collective intelligence. He is a researcher, trainer, artisan consultant and lecturer, a leading specialist in the design of participatory architectures and their effective scaling. He defines himself, above all, as a facilitator of participatory processes. He has helped to create innovation ecosystems both in Spain and in several Latin American countries. He shares his thoughts, experiences and knowledge on two blogs, one personal, amaliorey.com, and the other specialising in collective intelligence, bloginteligenciacolectiva.com. His Twitter account is @arey.

Wikitoki (Plaza de la Cantera, 5 - 2º, 48003 Bilbao)